Introduction of Male Trouser Quality

Quality of trouser cuffs: 27TBT trouser cuffs is made carefully and lined in the front and rear with skilled and clever techniques so that customers don’t care about breaking sewing line or loosing cuffs which make some difficulties for customers.

The front and the back is inside the trouser cuffs The trouser leg isn’t broken much


    Quality of Trouser body: 27TBT Male Trouser is made on modern sewing machines in hand-made cooperation of excellent tailors. All sewing lines are made carefully and skillfully to make a strong and nice product.

   Quality of the interior of the trouser body: 27TBT Male Trousers are produced by modern sewing machines and excellent tailors. All seams, coating lines, selvage, over-sewing, pocket sewing, cuff sewing, moon linings of the interior are made carefully and technically to make nice, stable and durable products.

Quality of the interior of the trouser body Crossed sewing cuffs


   Crossed sewing cuffs: 27TBT Tailor Shop focuses on making nice trouser shape but aesthetics and stability. Crossed sewing cuffs comply with height of the instep. Upon wearing trousers, the front cuffs is quite folded and the rear scuffs covers the heel of shoe to bring elegance and politeness (Unlike other trouser cuffs that the rear cuffs cover the heel of shoe, the front cuffs will shrink 3 or 4 levels and make a bad and weak trouser shape). 

Designs of trouser

   27TBT Tailor Shop’s designs of trouser are similar to other designs of trouser in the market, but 27TBT sophistication, strength and the quality of sewing is the best. This is has been confirmed from being established until now. This sewing way is suitable for customers who usually wear expensive clothes. 27TBT Tailor Shop will meet and satisfy the pickest customer.

Male trouser designs have 3 main designs: non-dart trousers, one-dart trousers, two-dart trousers.

Non-dart trousers One-dart trousers Two-dart trousers