Introduction of Male Veston Quality

   Ready-to-wear and made-to-measure 27TBT Veston is completely hand-made by excellent tailors and isn’t made for series under lines. Each tailor will sew a completed product, so the product has beautiful, fussy and skilful shape in compliance with demands of punctilious customers who want to own a high quality Veston set.

   The interior of 27TBT Veston is made fussily and skillfully. Its armpit is sewed carefully by hand to make stability, flat internal line without any unnecessary thing (unlike ready-to-wear and made-to-measure veston in the market, its armpit is enclosed with 3, 4 points, redundant internal line and simple veston. It is a reason why veston line is out of veston sleeve and fringes)

Armpit is made by handArmpit is made by hand Veston branchia isn’t intervenedVeston branchia isn’t intervened
Pocket mouth is broken flatly
Armpit is made by handArmpit is made by hand


   Both 27 TBT Veston armpit is sewed with 2 small packets to contain perfumed papers or a drug for bad-smell prevention.  In 27TBT veston interior, gill is sewed closely, isn’t coupled cloth and don’t save cloth as sewing without grill. Customers don’t usually know this. Pockets are made carefully and fussily. All materials and accessories in the interior are soaked and dried carefully to eliminate non-comprehensive extension (one of reasons make Veston inflated and curved after a using time)

The overall interior is made carefully and fully to maintain nice form – Paper pocket is perfumed, increased in stability and keeps lining to fit with the fringe. The shape and form is nice 


   Both Veston wrists are made real vacant in order to roll up like shirts; The interior of wrist lining is very flat to make elegance and politeness.

The scuffs are made with real vacants to be able to roll up as shirts; the cuff lining of the interior is very flat, which makes luxury.


   Lining used in Veston and Trouser is produced separately and printed with 27TBT trademark, this confirm quality of product sub-materials.