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   Male Veston – Trouser is available for sales at 27TBT shop, which is sewed under measurements of  27TBT Tailor shop based on excellent tailors’ long-term experiences. It is made in many sizes meeting demands of customers who want to buy ready-to-wear products with best quality. 27TBT Tailor Shop doesn’t make under normal sizes such as the following veston sizes: S,M,L,XL or trouser size: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33....available for sales in the market. We have developed into 25 veston sizes and 55 trouser sizes (equivalent to 25 Vestons and 55 Trousers in a same cloth and color so that Customers may choose for the best) 

   Notes: Veston and Trouser products at 27TBT Tailor Shop are made in many sizes, so you may choose a satisfactory set like made-to-measure clothes. However, our products is higher in quality, technique and beauty than available for sale products at other shops (Veston bought at  27TBT Tailor Shop isn’t required to correct – even trouser cuffs is made carefully)

   Besides 2 aforementioned products, 27TBT Tailor Shop also produces ready-to -wear Blazers for customers who have high demands and aesthetics, which is made in high quality cloth from foreign firms such as Gucci - Valentino - Cashmere - Joice - Canonico - Dormeuil v.v.... The outstanding characteristics of Blazers at 27TBT Tailor Shop is that “connecting lines on both shoulders” is made for all ready-to-wear products (besides connecting lines on the blazer body) to bring elegance and class for customers. This is a difficult sewing technique and need more cloth, which is made by skilled tailors only.

    You are punctilious and want to be sewed a Veston, Blazer and Trouser with high quality and personal measurement, 27TBT Tailor Shop is willing to meet your requests. 

   In the current trend of market economy, products in the market raced for outward design with poor quality will be gradually eliminated because they don’t meet consumers’ demand. Foreseeing this trend, 27TBT Tailor Shop focuses on improvement of products’ quality and customers with polite, elegant and advanced styles. 27TBT Tailor Shop is confident to meet such demands. 

   Objectives of 27TBT Tailor Shop is that all products including ready-to-wear products and made-to-measure products don’t compete in price with items available in the market but compete in quality only. This criterion is agreed by all members of 27TBT Tailor Shop 

 Ready-to-wear and made-to-measure 27TBT Veston and Trouser products are branded for a long time. Customers who have demands to use careful and high quality products can’t find another shop like 27TBT Tailor Shop.

   Ready-to-wear and made-to-measure 27TBT Veston is completely hand-made by excellent tailors and isn’t made for series under lines. Each tailor will sew a completed product, so the product has beautiful, fussy and skilful shape in compliance with demands of punctilious customers who want to own a high quality Veston set.

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Quality of trouser cuffs: 27TBT trouser cuffs is made carefully and lined in the front and rear with skilled and clever techniques so that customers don’t care about breaking sewing line or loosing cuffs which make some difficulties for customers.

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