Measurement of male trousers

Đo vòng bụng
1 - Belly measurement

1. Belly measurement: Measure the upper next to the belt (leather belts) when wearing T-shirts or shirts. For thin body, take the forefinger and middle finger to the inside, then tighten the ruler. For fat body, directly measure with the ruler on the belly and tighten the ruler (take the forefinger and middle finger in the inside like the thin body). Customers who want a high trouser edge, it is measured on the upper of belly-button for 2cm and want a low trouser edge like jeans, it is measured below the belly-button for  3-4cm.

Đo vòng mông
2 - Rump measurement

2. Rump measurement: Measure the largest rump position.

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3 - Measurement of the trouser bottom

3. Measurement of the trouser bottom: Pull up the trouser to the crotch, place the ruler on the upper trouser edge of the rear body passing the crotch to the front body and the upper trouser edge of the front body and stretch the ruler to the crotch.

Đo chiều dài quần
4 - Measurement of trouser length

4. Measurement of trouser length: Measure from the upper of the trouser edge to the corner of the shoe sole (for customer who wear shoes). Or measure from the upper edge to the ground and then deduct 2cm (for customers who don’t wear shoes).

Đo ống quần
5 - Measurement of trouser leg

5. Measurement of trouser leg: It include sizes from  22 -> 28cm... depending on every customer (Measure from the corner of front line to the rear line).