Measurement of male veston

Wear a shirt that you feel the best, ask others to help you for measurement to get Veston measurements.

       1 - Measurement of neckline   2 - Chest measurement

Measure neck dimensions lower than normal male shirts.

Measure on the largest position of the chest, place the middle finger and the forefinger as the picture.

   3 - Belly measurement  4 - Rump measurement

Measure belly at the reasonable height (the largest position), place the forefinger inside the ruler.

Measure the largest rump position, use the forefinger to keep both ruler ends and get measurements.

   5 - Shoulder measurement   6 - Biceps measurement

Measure from the sewing line of the left shoulder to the sewing line of the wrong shoulder.

Measure the largest position of the biceps

     7 - Sleeve measurement8 - Waistcoat measurement

Take the ruler end on the sewing line of veston shoulder at the highest position to the middle of the back of a hand. 

Measure from the neck to the point of Waistcoat spiky under wanted length 

9 - Measurement of back body length10 - Measurement of front body length


Take the ruler from the connection between the neck and the back body with free length. You may choose length to fit with your existing Veston length. 


Dangle both hands, measure from the sewing line of neck end on shoulders to the front thigh (horizontal with the thumb)